September 2015 Reads

These are books that we discovered by chance and enjoyed together.

(1) Eric Carle: Mister Seahorse. A beautifully illustrated book, full of vibrant colors true to his trademark. This book is about marvelous undersea creatures where the father steps in to take care of the eggs after the female has laid them. Like all Eric Carle books, the words are simple but captivating. The story unfolds page by page and keeps the reader engaged to the very end. It ends gently.

Eric Carle: Official website

(2) Eric Carle: My Apron. A simple story created from his own childhood experience. In this story, the little boy is thrilled to get his own apron and help his uncle who is in the construction business. I see in my own son, the joy in helping a grown up and being part of the adult world. He could relate to this story and enjoyed it immensely.

Eric Carle: Official Website

(3) Pop’s bridge: A delightful and descriptive story written from the perspective of a little boy who watches with his friend as their fathers build the Golden Gate bridge. The boy is filled with pride and is full of admiration for his brave dad. He is fully aware of the dangers of building the bridge and strongly believes that it is his Daddy’s bridge. As the story unfolds he comes to the realization that it takes a team of dedicated workers to build the bridge and that every worker is important.

A month before we read this book, we made a trip to see the Golden Gate bridge from the Marin shore. Tobey enjoyed reading this book and it ended on a positive note.

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